FAQ: entry & passport rules for Russian nationals in Kazakhstan

Due to various changes in the legislation of Kazakhstan concerning citizens of Russia, we are receiving questions about the rules of stay in Kazakhstan on Russian domestic and travel passports and on issuance of immigration permits. We would like to offer you answers to the most popular questions on this topic.

Question 1
Which documents Russian nationals may use to enter Kazakhstan and to obtain temporary residence permits?

Answer: The list of documents allowing entry and stay in Kazakhstan is approved by international agreements with Kazakhstan. Aside from travel passports, entry and stay is allowed based on domestic Russian passports, for children under 14 – based on birth certificates*. Holders of official and diplomatic passports as well as Seaman IDs (provided they have an extract from the crew list) may also enter and stay based on the relevant documents.

For obtaining a temporary residence permit (TRP), it is still possible to provide any national passport – either travel or domestic one. Children under 16 are exempted from obtaining TRPs.

*Note of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan dated 24.05.2005, Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 31.05.2005 No. 341

Question 2
Is it true that a landlord’s presence is required for obtaining a TRP?

Answer: yes, in accordance with the up-to-date rules of TRP issuance either a landlord or their representative by a notarized POA must be present when applying for a TRP.

Question 3
What is the allowed period of stay in Kazakhstan for Russian nationals after the so called “visa run” practice was abolished?

Answer: The total cumulative period of stay of Russian citizens (and citizens of other EAEU countries) in Kazakhstan may not exceed 90 days out of 180 days. Those who wish to stay longer must obtain a TRP.

The 180-day period is to be counted back from the day of entry into Kazakhstan: should the limit be exceeded on the day of arrival, entry will be refused. To verify the compliance on a particular day of stay in Kazakhstan, the 180-day period must be counted back from the relevant day. 

Question 4
Which type of passport may be used to obtain a permanent residence permit?

Answer: to obtain a permanent residence permit in Kazakhstan, a travel (“international” or “foreign”) passport is mandatory in accordance with the up-to-date rules. The validity term of such a passport must be above 180 days for the purpose of the PRP application.

Question 5
Can Russian nationals obtain a Russian travel passport in Kazakhstan? 

Answer: yes, however it may take very long at the moment: waiting time for just submitting the application to the Consulate may exceed 3 months and the processing time is also up to 90 days.

Citizens whose passports are about to expire are recommended to apply for a travel passport at least 6 months prior to the expiration of their passport. 

Domestic passports cannot be renewed outside Russia.

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