About us

Our mission and vision


Whoever you are, an individual or a business, and wherever you relocate – we are there to make it easy every step of the way.


We are the benchmark of global mobility industry through the best team and service innovation. We are the benchmark of reliable service quality for individuals and companies and are distinguished by our customer centricity in the relocation industry. We ensure that each team member has the resources and expertise to thrive and abide by principles of social responsibility, green economy, ethics, and equality. We listen to feedback from our clients, customers, partners, and employees and invest in unique technological solutions to increase efficiency and customer experience.


Teamwork – is core to everything.
• Accountability to clients and colleague
• Identify, share and maximize business opportunities
• Attract and develop best people

Passion – we bring energy and passion to everything that we do.
• Be energetic and enthusiastic about what we do
• Have fun and enjoy working for Intermark Relocation

Innovation and creativity – we seek to lead change.
• Anticipate client needs and proactively develop new novel solutions
• Encourage individual creativity
• Maximize our opportunities via use of technology

Entrepreneurial and sales-driven approach – maximize profitability from every opportunity.
• Encourage entrepreneurial spirit within the company
• Business Commitment to win every opportunity
• Commitment to explore new opportunities at every time

Excellence – we take pride in our work and aspire to deliver excellence.
• Commitment to achieve excellence in everything we do, every day
• Continually challenge ourselves to be the best in the market
• Take personal responsibility for the development of our skills and knowledge

Intermark Relocation, being committed to a continuous improvement, introduced Quality Policy it abides by.