Legal support

Intermark has a unique experience of 30 years of working with expats. Our team of 5 English-speaking legal advisors will provide you with wide range of legal services. We may afford lower fees than most international law firms, and also may propose fixed prices for our services (instead of hourly rate). Our team has a large portfolio of successful cases - as on pre-litigation stages as in the court.

1. Business Relocation

We guide businesses in relocating and launching in foreign countries. Our services include country choice consulting, company formation, local contractor sourcing, and comprehensive immigration, relocation, and home-finding assistance.

2. Legal Design

As part of a modern trend in legal professions, we simplify official documents like contracts and regulations. We make these easier to comprehend by using clear language, improved layouts, and modern design principles. We can either modify your existing documents or create new ones to meet your needs.

3. Consulting Services

Our consulting covers a range of legal topics, including taxes, corporate law, and personal matters. We also assist with deal-making, property legal reviews, contract preparation, risk consulting, and legal representation in disputes and negotiations.

4. Educational webinars

We provide proactive corporate support with innovative and practical solutions. Services include organizing webinars, providing guides, and implementing creative strategies to achieve results.

We also provide

Lease Renewal

Intermark Relocations is committed to save the assignee from trouble and stress of a new home finding and move, therefore we will always assist with:

  • Track lease dates and timely notify the client of lease renewal start;
  • Carry out lease negotiations to renew the lease agreement;
  • Provide residential rental market survey and apartment comparable;
  • Re-negotiate best possible terms, including adequate rental rate, apartment improvements, additional furniture/appliances, renovations, etc.
  • Draft new lease/additional renewal agreement;
  • Arrange and coordinate lease signing.

Rent re-negotiations

Intermark Relocations has developed rent-renegotiations to ensure that our clients are immediately reacting to changes in the market changes, therefore making use of every possibility to cut costs for the business. Rent-renegotiation is applied only to the leases which are still underway/valid, whereas have become in-adequate in terms of rental rate.

  • Review and analyze the adequacy of the current rental rate vs. market average;
  • Negotiate with the landlord reduced rental rate;
  • Renew the lease for one more year;
  • Draft renewal/new lease agreement;
  • Arrange and coordinate lease signing.