Immigration services

Document services

Document conditioning is the additional services that Intermark is ready to provide to the clients upon request.

These include:

Translation and Notarized translation: Coordination of documents translation either in conjunction with a visa application or as a standalone service and arrangement of translation’s verification at notary office.

Legalisation: Coordination of document legalization (apostille, full-scope legalization) either in conjunction with a visa application or as a standalone service.
Legalization is an integral part of the relocation process for employees and their families. To ensure that personal documents would be accepted in the country of destination, Intermark will proceed with a chain of verifications (authentication) of these documents by one or more government authorities in the country of origin and in the country of destination.

Our support includes:

  • Turnkey legalization on behalf of the client, without his personal presence;
  • Seamless delivery of documents (including originals) to Russia via Intermark Kazakhstan;
  • Optimal timing, no delays;
  • Execution of legalizations in any country and for any country of destination;
  • Initial consultation on the process - free of charge!

Document procurement/replacement: Assistance in obtaining documents/duplicatesrequired to support the application process (e.g. vital records, degree certificates, Police Clearance certificate) OR replacement of either immigration documents issued (e.g. work or residence permits).