Ukraine: dual citizens may be refused exit from Ukraine

As reported by the media with reference to the spokesperson of the State Border Service of Ukraine Andriy Demchenko, male citizens of Ukraine aged from 18 to 60 who also have another citizenship and reside abroad will not be allowed to leave Ukraine in accordance with the restrictions on exit currently enacted due to the state of martial law. Previously, an exception was made in practice for this category of persons.

We would like to note that the same information is published on the website of the U.S. Embassy in Kyiv. According to its sources, the restriction on exit for the mentioned category of dual citizens has been implemented as of June 1st, and this restriction extends as well to Ukrainians, who have U.S. citizenship.

Kazakhstan announces start date of visa-free agreement with Vietnam

We would like to inform you that starting from May 25, 2024 citizens of Kazakhstan and Vietnam will be mutually exempt from obtaining visas for a 30-day period, as announced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan.

Armenia: changes in the legislation on citizenship

We would like to remind you that foreign citizens can obtain citizenship of the Republic of Armenia without observing the 3-year period of residence in Armenia and knowledge of the Armenian language based on a parent who is or used to be an Armenian citizen.

Citizenship of the Republic of Serbia

Learn the dynamics of Serbian citizenship laws, including criteria that potentially allows for quicker naturalization to the withdrawal of legislative proposals after EU intervention. These developments reflect on Serbia's ongoing efforts to align with European standards.

Kazakhstan to allow foreign nationals to apply for Tax ID at diplomatic missions abroad

We would like to inform you that foreign nationals will be able to procure an individual identification number (IIN or Tax ID) at embassies and consulates of the Republic of Kazakhstan abroad under the terms of a pilot public service project, which will start on 13 April 2024 and last until 31 December 2024.

Navigating Mongolia: country overview and housing trends

Gain insights into Mongolia's burgeoning economy and evolving housing market in our latest article. It offers a short overview of the economic forces shaping Mongolia and the dynamic real estate landscape in Ulaanbaatar, providing useful information for those who are interested in the country.

Socio-Economic overview. Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Romania

Gain insights into the economic landscapes of Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Romania, three Balkan countries with unique histories and diverse economic trajectories. This overview provides a snapshot of their economic conditions, highlighting key challenges and achievements.  


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