Immigration services

Immigration services refer to professional assistance and support provided to businesses and individuals in their journey to relocate and establish themselves in a foreign country. The services to assignees and their families encompass various aspects of obtaining all the documentation required to allow them to legally enter, work and reside, as well as stay in and depart from their host country. Besides providing assistance in obtaining relevant permits Intermark covers the procurement of supporting documents and other specific immigration-related consulting services.

The essential scope of our services provide comprehensive scenario of compliant assignees' and accompanying dependents' residing and working which is relevant across all locations globally: Enter, Work, Reside, Stay and Depart.

Immigration services are designed to make the process more efficient and less daunting for assignees and their family members.

Why Intermark

We are the growing team of 48 immigration advisors.

  • Guided by the mission “To get right people in the right place at the right time!”;
  • Having got in-depth knowledge of immigration and labour law as well as practices and unique requirements in 12 countries;
  • Highly experienced in the expertise: 350+ clients; 4300+ obtained permits in 2022; overall team’s experience in immigration sphere – 240 years;
  • Possessing excellent communication skills to deliver tailored service;
  • Capable to expect changes head-on and to work out coherent strategies to meet challenges.

We are your trusted immigration guide to navigate the intricacies of ever changing immigration landscape and provide you with a one-stop-shop assistance while you or your clients focus on starting a new business chapter abroad.

How we work

Each destination country has its own set of processes that are applicable as per local legislation and we are here to provide professional support throughout your immigration route.

Immigration process flow