Hints & Tips

Plan your move in advance

Contact us up to one month before you hope to move even if you don’t know exactly when the big day will be. We will tell you exactly what we offer and the areas you need to think about. This way you can plan your time and concentrate on the essentials.

Check what you really need to move

The less stuff you have, the cheaper it'll be to move it. Start as early as possible, and divide items into "keep," "trash," "recycling," and "donate." Be ruthless — if you haven't used it in a year (or forgot you even had it!), you don't need it.

Don't do the packing yourself

Packing is not expensive. Our company uses a range of appropriate packing materials and employs fully trained staff who will pack your things professionally and safely.

Ship or buy

Import customs duty is one of the main expense items in international moving budget. Check if it’s cheaper to ship things from home or to buy new.

Last it/first out

Pack a box of essential items that you will need immediately after the move and make sure it’s the last thing added to the truck.

Remember to get some snacks for the move day!