Immigration services

Reside and stay

Intermark covers all the necessary procedures required for assignees and their dependents - obtaining residence authorization (all types) first, then tracking validity terms of residence/work/registration permits in order to start immigration document extention/renewal/correction in due time.

For those who want to stay in host country for a longer time than validity terms of temporary permits Intermark will render full-scope assistance in Permanent Residence Permit or Citizenship obtaining provided the applicants have grounds to submit PRP application in host country according to its law.

How we help:

  • Temporary residence permit acquiring;
  • Long-term visa (of any type) procurement;
  • Tax ID and/or Social number;
  • Migration registration at the address of stay;
  • Tracking on visa/work /residence permits expiration dates;
  • Extension of visa or residence permit;
  • Extension of work permit;
  • Correction of visa or residence permit;
  • Correction of work permit;
  • Permanent residence permit;
  • Citizenship.