RUSSIA – FRANCE: No More Work Permits!

After several rounds of negotiations Russia and France finally signed an “Agreement between France and Russia on special terms of temporary employment for citizens of both countries”, coming into force March 1st, 2011. It is a long awaited breakthrough between the two countries, as the first steps towards the agreement were made back in 2009 in Rambouillet.

Rules for Migration Registration of Foreign Citizens: Everything Comes Full Circle

ItermarkRelocation team is happy to present you our newest comment on the issues of Russian Immigration, published by Russo-British Chamber of Commerce Bulletin ISSUE #3 APRIL-MAY 2011


On March 11, 2011 Russian State Duma passed and adopted immediately in the second and third reading the bill № 503970-5 «On amendments to… Federal Law On Migration Registration of Foreign Citizens…". Effectively, the bill actually restores and significantly eases the rules and regulations of migration registration for foreigners which had come into force back in February 2011.

New registration regulations - Overview & Recommendations

The amendments concerning migration registration of foreign citizens in Russian Federation came into force on 15 February 2011 – henceforth the foreigners can be registered only at the residence address.

February 11, 2011: Head of Russian Migration Service comments on new changes in registration

The Head of the Russian Federation’s Foreign Migration Service (FMS), Konstantin Romadanovsky met with representatives of major foreign companies and business associations operating in Russia to comment on and clarify the new procedures for registration of foreigners that is due to comes into force on Feb, 15th 2011.

Major changes in Russian registration requirements: Actions Required

As of February 15th new rules for migration registration and de-registration come into force according to Federal law # 385 signed by Russian President Dmitriy Medvedev, new actions are required

Quotas Cancelled for 31 positions!!!

The New Year starts with very positive news for all those considering moving their employees into Russia this coming year. According the immigration government decree 31 job positions will be free of quota requirement during 2011. The decree comes into force as of January 11th, 2011.


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