RUSSIA – FRANCE: No More Work Permits!

RUSSIA – FRANCE: No More Work Permits!

If you think that miracles do not happen – we are here to prove you wrong!

After several rounds of negotiations Russia and France finally signed an “Agreement between France and Russia on special terms of temporary employment for citizens of both countries”, coming into force March 1st, 2011. It is a long awaited breakthrough between the two countries, as the first steps towards the agreement were made back in 2009 in Rambouillet.

According to The Agreement, Russia and France have dropped several requirements for foreign employees of both countries, e.g. the Agreement cancels work permit requirements for most categories of French citizens in Russia. The types of such citizens are the following:

  • Employees of Representative offices and Branch offices of French companies in Russia
  • Employees of the same group of companies (employee must present a global work contract with French company, then he can work in Russia in the company of this Group)
  • Heads of companies
  • Highly-qualified employees. Note: still a foreign employee should receive an official salary over 2 million RUR annually (ca. ,000 USD), hold a Diploma of education at the specialization on which he works and must have professional experience on the desired job position not less than 5 years
  • Young employees, ages from 18 to 30 years old
  • Family members: spouse and kids up to 18 years old of above categories of people

At this point, only the above listed categories are exempted from work permit. All other French citizens who happened to be working in Russia and are not falling under the above categories follow the standard requirements of work permit.

Visa is still required

Nevertheless. visa status remains the same. Therefore to make trips between the two countries citizens of both Russia and France need a visa (work/business/tourist). To get an invitation for a work visa to Russia, work permit is no longer required for the above listed citizens.

“Agreement” as it works in reality

In early March, right after official launch of the Agreement, French business community in Moscow was very hesitant as to believe that the new requirements will actually work without any obstacles and additional requirements.

Intermark Immigration team is very happy to report today after 2 entire months of Agreement operation and validity that Russian Federal Migration offices indeed use the legal act in strict accordance and welcome increasing number of applicants. All the above prompts French companies to bring more of their home staff, and make full use of the new simplified procedure.

We hope that the Agreement is only the first step to bigger and major changes between Russia and France, and in the field of immigration in general.

Intermark Relocation will continue to monitor the latest communications, changes and how those get implemented in Russia. Please feel free to contact us for any information, questions or advice.

For more information regarding the migration legislation of RF, please, contact the Intermark Relocation Team members:

Irina Yakimenko
Executive Director Immigration & Relocation Services

Maria Obodovskaya
Senior Immigration Adviser

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