Quotas Cancelled for 31 positions!!!

Happy New Year 2011! Happy New Year! With great pleasure we continue monitoring Russian immigration legislation for you and are always available to answer all your questions and advise on the next steps.

Quotas cancelled for 31 positions as of January 2011

The New Year starts with very positive news for all those considering moving their employees into Russia this coming year. According the immigration government decree 31 job positions will be free of quota requirement during 2011. The decree comes into force as of January 11th, 2011.

Here is the full list of the positions now suspended from the quota requirements:

New quota-free positions for 2011 year.

  1. General director of joint-stock company
  2. General director of association
  3. General director of the enterprise
  4. General director of general management
  5. General director of an inter-branch scientific and technical complex
  6. General director of production association
  7. The chief engineer of the project
  8. The chief engineer (industry)
  9. The director of department
  10. The director of branch
  11. The director of factory
  12. The director for economy
  13. The director of manufacturer
  14. The director of management
  15. The director of enterprise
  16. The director of firm
  17. The director of joint-stock company
  18. the director of association
  19. The vice-president of board
  20. The engineer of information protection
  21. The engineer of automation and mechanization of productions
  22. The processing engineer
  23. The engineer on the automated control system of manufacture
  24. The engineer on the automated control system of technological processes
  25. The engineer on introduction of new techniques and technology
  26. The engineer on quality
  27. The engineer on adjustment and tests
  28. The engineer on the production management organization
  29. The engineer o manufacture preparation
  30. The president of association (concern, corporation, socioeconomic organization)
  31. The chairman of the board.

The above decree offers considerable opportunities for companies who had not applied for the required quota last year. In other words, even if the company has not submitted the quota application for 2011, this will not hamper or affect the employment and work permit acquisition process for the listed job positions. All other professions and job positions are still required to have timely submitted quotas to start the process of work permit issuance. Contact us to get additional information on quota cancellation, or additional quota submission for 2011/12.

Throughout 2010 we have been witnessing major and consistent positive changes in the Russian immigration law that made the whole immigration hassle much easier for the businesses bringing their staff to Russia:

2010 in Review: Key facts and changes

  • ‘High-skilled employment’ – sensational breakthrough for Russian immigration which provides 3 year work permit and work visa for employee and family.
  • Residence permit: revolutionary simplification of the process – multiple exit visa are now given for 3 years at once. Before each trip outside Russia an exit visa. Contact us for more information.
  • Visa cancellation for short term stay between Russia and range of European countries.

We would be delighted to assist you with any queries you have regarding the topics discussed in this publication or indeed any other aspects of immigration practice that you require assistance with.

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