New EU sanctions causing delays at Russian border

The introduction of the EU’s tenth package of Russia sanctions enforces additional changes, restrictions and delays to the moves in/our of Russia:

 Additional goods included into import restrictions list.  A list of goods (for example, some electrical goods) have fallen under import restrictions into Russia. Their export from the EU may also be restricted. We are closely reviewing the newly announced restrictions and correlation of the sanctions list and EU customs codes to find the best solution.

We may expect difficulties with cross-border shipments between Russia and European countries and Great Britain as well as with transit through European ports.

▶ Poland and Lithuania have closed a number of border crossings with Russia and Belarus.

All of these may now reduce the number of transport options available for transit from Russia to Europe.

 Intermark has a solution: our logistics team made prior preparations to meet the consequences of these new restrictions and has already worked out alternative logistics routes that allow to fully carry out operational activities. However, please note that the delivery time from and to Russia may be increased and the cost of transit may be adjusted.

We will be happy to help and consult you on the transportation of your belongings.

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