New Covid-19 regulations in Moscow

Starting Monday, June 28, Moscow restaurants will only accept diners who present an official QR code proving their vaccination, recovery from Covid-19 over the past six months or negative PCR test results conducted within 72 hours.

According to the decree, in order to get a QR-code you have to be vaccinated with a vaccine that has passed registration in Russia. The list of approved vaccine includes “Sputnik”, “Kovivak”, “EpiVacCorona” and “Sputnik Light”.

At the moment, “Pfizer”, “Moderna”, or any other vaccine has not been officially approved in Russia. People who got vaccinated with these vaccines will still be required to present PCR test results in order to visit restaurants.

Children and teenagers accompanied by adults will be allowed to visit cafes and restaurants without QR codes. Summer cafes and terraces can be visited without a QR code until July 12.

We will be monitoring the situation and keep you updated.
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