COVID-19: new measures

Moscow Mayor and Governor of Moscow Region extended quarantine restrictions until May 31.

Mayor of Moscow, Sergey Sobyanin signed Decrees №55-УМ and №56-УМ prolonging the self-isolation regime in Moscow until May 31 2020 inclusive.

Governor of Moscow Region, Andrey Vorobyev also extended regime of self-isolation of citizens till the end of May. The respective Order № 227-ПГ is published on the website of the regional government.

The end of the non-working regime.

During a meeting with the Heads of the Regions and Members of the Government on the situation with COVID-19, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the end of the non-working regime on May 11 2020. Starting May 12, the stage of easing the regime of restrictions begins. However, the exit from restrictions will not be instantaneous.

- All public events throughout the country are still banned.
- For people over 65 and those suffering from chronic illnesses, the restrictions will be maintained.

Moscow switches to mask mode

May 12, in Moscow became the compulsory wearing of masks and gloves in public transport, in shops and shopping malls. Wear protective mask and gloves must be in public transport, including suburban trains and trains of the Moscow Central diameters and also in a taxi. Requirements do not apply to travel by private car. For the violation of this precept the residents of the capital face a fine.

Digital passes via SMS are canceled.

A digital pass for traveling around Moscow cannot be issued via SMS from May 12.

To get a pass, you need to log on and visit the platform or use hotline service of the government of Moscow by phone +7 (495) 777-77-77.
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