Digital passes for any travel on public or personal transport

On 11 April 2020, Mayor of Moscow, Sergey Sobyanin signed Decree №43-УМ “On the approval of the Procedure for processing and using digital passes for moving around the territory of the city of Moscow during the period of high-alert regime in the city of Moscow”, according to which special digital passes are introduced for trips in Moscow and the Moscow Region on personal and public transport.

Obtaining a digital pass is required for travel on any type of personal and public transport - motorcycle, scooter, car, taxi, metro, commuter rail and ground public transport .

For getting around on foot a pass is not needed, but it is necessary to strictly observe the rules and restrictions set forth in the regime of high alert (to get out of the house to go to the nearest store or the pharmacy, walk the dog, take out the trash).

What is a digital pass?

The pass is issued in electronic form and is a code consisting of numbers and letters, the first 4 characters of which indicate the expiration date of the pass, the remaining 12 characters allow you to identify its owner and the purpose of the trip. The QR code on the pass provides quick verification of information by employees of regulatory authorities.

Types of digital passes

1. Travel related to employment

It is issued until April 30 inclusive in cases where the organization continues to work and the presence of an employee at the workplace is absolutely necessary. Pass allows trips to and from work. The number of trips is not limited.

Intermark note! If you need a digital pass for work, follow the recommendations of your company HR and Legal departments.

2. Trips to medical facilities

A pass of this category is issued for 1 day and allows a trip to a specific medical institution. The number of passes issued during the week is not limited.

3. Trips for other personal purposes corresponding to the high availability mode (to the store, to the cottage, to the station, etc.).

A pass of this category is issued for 1 day and allows a trip to the destination and back. You can get this pass 2 times a week.

Who does not need to receive digital passes?

- Travel without a digital pass for official purposes is entitled to be made by military personnel, law enforcement officials, judges and other employees who have certificates established by the state.

- Digital passes are not required for citizens under 14 years of age.

How to obtain a digital pass?

a) Log on, then continue completing your application. Select the type of pass and complete all the required information. The system will display on the screen a special code that needs to be saved (record, take a picture or take a screenshot).

b) Call the service of the government of Moscow on: +7 (495) 777-77-77 or send SMS to the short number 7377.

How to use a digital pass?

City authorities reserve themselves the right to verify the accuracy of the information provided. They may check through appropriate information systems and with the help of direct control on the roads and in public transport.

While traveling, citizens are required to present a passport and a digital pass (show a printout or a smartphone screen) at the request of officials who control the movement within the city.


- What about trips between Moscow and the Moscow region, between Moscow and other regions of the country?

Between Moscow and the Moscow region there will be a “roaming” of digital passes. For the trip "Moscow - Moscow Region" and back Muscovites need to order one pass on the portal Residents of the Moscow region order a pass for trips to Moscow and around Moscow on their website. To travel to Moscow from another region, you must request a Moscow pass.

- What additional information needs to be reported for travel by private car and public transport?

When applying for a digital pass for trips in a personal car, you must provide its state registration number. For travel in public transport, the application for a pass must indicate the number of the card "Troika" or "Strelka" (if available).

- What will happen for travel without a pass?

Detention in transit without a digital pass shall entail a warning or imposition of penalty in amount from one to 30 thousand rubles. The same acts which have entailed causing of harm to human health or property, or repeated offence punishable by a fine in the amount from 15 to 50 thousand rubles.

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