Russia: tourist visas based on hotel booking available to nationals of 19 countries.

Please be informed that a list of countries, whose nationals are eligible for obtaining tourist visas to Russia based on hotel booking, has been approved by the decree of the Russian government No. 372-r dated 16.02.2023 (in Russian). Previously, nationals of any country have been eligible. 
The decree shall take force on 6 March 2023.

What are the changes?

Only nationals of 19 countries will remain eligible to obtain tourist visas based on a hotel booking confirmation.

The list includes the following countries:

✅ China
✅ India
✅ Mexico
✅ Serbia
✅ Turkey 
✅ Iran
✅ Saudi Arabia
✅ Bahrain
✅ Brunei
✅ Indonesia
✅ Cambodia
✅ Kuwait
✅ Laos
✅ Malaysia 
✅ Myanmar
✅ Oman
✅ Thailand
✅ Philippines

NB! The hotel must be included in the unified register of categorized hotels, ski trails, beaches. The list can be accessed here (in Russian).

Nationals of all other countries must present a hosting confirmation (“tourist voucher”) issued by a registered tour company when applying for their tourist visa.

Intermark comment

The number of entries and validity period of visas issued on the basis of the booking confirmation are determined at the discretion of the consular offices of Russia abroad, which take into account the booking period, prepayment of booking and other circumstances. When applying for a tourist visa, we recommend that citizens of the above listed countries double-check the conditions for obtaining a visa for the desired period at the consulate of the Russian Federation in the country of application. In the case of issuing a multiple-entry visa, the period of stay in Russia will be limited to a period of 90 days out of 180.

Who is affected?

Foreign nationals planning to visit Russia for tourism purposes.

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