Coronavirus in Russia: “immigration amnesty” to expire on 12 October 2022

Please be informed that the MIA of Russia has announced with reference to the decree of the Russian government No. 2537-r dated 5 September 2022 that all restrictions on transport communication imposed in connection with the Covid-19 pandemic were lifted effective 15 July 2022.

Consequently, the provisions of the decree of the Russian president No. 364 dated 15 June 2021 on the temporary suspension of the terms of stay in Russia and validity terms of certain documents (“immigration amnesty”) will become invalid from 13 October 2022.

What are the changes?

1. Effective 13 October 2022 (90 days from the date when the restrictions were lifted), the following terms will no longer be suspended:

  • Terms of temporary stay in Russia, validity terms of visas and migration cards
  • Validity terms of migration registration
  • Terms of stay abroad for holders of temporary and permanent residence permits (max. 6 months in total per calendar year), exceeding which may lead to cancellation of these permits 

Intermark comment

Previously, the “immigration amnesty” has expired only for nationals and permanent residents of few countries included in the list approved by the decree of the Russian government No. 1253-r dated 20.05.2022. That list included several CIS countries, China and Mongolia.

These new changes will revoke the “immigration amnesty” for nationals of all other countries. 

Foreign nationals who have not extended the allowed period of stay or have not renewed their migration registration of visas must either do so or exit Russia by 12 October 2022 included.

2. Effective 13 October 2022, the allowed 6-month period of stay abroad for HQS employees will no longer be suspended. If this period is exceeded this may lead to cancellation of a work permit.

Intermark comment

The officials of the Head Migration Department with the MIA of Russia have confirmed that after 12 October the migration offices will resume practice of cancelling work permits of those HQS employees who overstay abroad.

At the same time MIA officials have given inconsistent comments as to the starting date for counting the 6-month term of stay abroad^ 15 July and 5 September have been suggested as such date. The representatives of the Moscow migration department have not been able to confirm their approach yet. In order to minimize the risks we can recommend counting the 6-month term from 15 July, which means that HQS employees who exited Russia before 15 July should return to Russia by 14 January 2023. The duration of such visit is not important – a 1-day visit to Russia will suffice to reset the deadline.

We will keep track of further development and will let you know accordingly.

Who will be affected?

Foreign nationals who benefit from the “immigration amnesty” provisions including HQS specialists who are stay abroad above 6 months consecutively.

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