Dear Clients and Partners,

We are shaken and deeply saddened by the humanitarian tragedy that has been unfolding over the last week in Ukraine. Intermark as a company that has for 30 years been serving the mission of bringing people and cultures together and helping our clients’ businesses and economies strive condemns this war and military actions destroying people’s lives and well-being.

On behalf of Intermark team, we want you to know that we are here for you and it is our focus to support you through the current crisis.

If there is anything you need, any information you may require or anything we can support you with please reach out and we will do everything possible to find a solution and help you in every way we can.

Intermark moving team is ready to do everything possible for your peace of mind. If you need any help with moving - we are immediately ready to provide it to you. Our resources now include quick assessments both online and offline, fast packaging and warehousing, and pickup of any of your items. Please contact moving@intermark.ru

Intermark teams (both in Ukraine and Russia) are safe, and while we continue supporting our customers our thoughts and prayers are with people in Ukraine.

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Stay safe and take care,
Irina & Marina

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