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“Bari Galust” or welcome to Yerevan!

If you decided relocate to Yerevan these facts about culture, traditions and people of Armenia will be useful for you.

Armenia is a country with a serious historical legacy, and its capital Yerevan has been inhabited since at least the 8th century BC. Christianity arrived in AD 301 and Armenia proudly calls itself the world's oldest Christian nation. Religion still tends to play a large part in visitor itineraries - from the centuries-old monasteries to the historic bibles at the wonderful Museum of Ancient Manuscripts - but Armenia is changing. Since the break-up of the Soviet Union, the country has re-embraced its traditions while moving on. Much of this progress is focused on Yerevan. Overlooked on clear days by Mount Ararat across the Turkish border, Yerevan is the centre of Armenia’s cultural activity and progressive thought, with a lively modern arts scene and plenty of large-scale redevelopment.

Although it is one of the world’s oldest cities, its architecture is mainly a legacy of the Soviet era and not always photogenic, but does provide a sense of grandeur, whilst the central core possesses some lovely 19th-century buildings. It may not immediately impress the eye, but Yerevan certainly grows on you as you peel away its layers and begin to understand its expressive, passionate people. Engaging, friendly and very hospitable, Armenians, like their Georgian neighbors, have a reputation for enjoying life.

Whether at home or abroad (and the Armenian diaspora is twice the number of residents of the country) Armenians stand out in a crowd for their unique ‘Armenian attitude, which is preserved as part of their culture. You will find Armenians live up to their reputation for being hot-blooded, lively, friendly and generous.

If you relocate to Yerevan remember that Yerevan today is a relaxed and friendly capital, with European cafes and a lively nightlife.

Decided to move to Yerevan?

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