New EU Blue Card

The European Parliament is introducing a new EU Blue Card Directive. The innovations will affect highly qualified workers and are intended to increase their mobility in the EU countries. The conditions of admission and rights for Blue Card holders and their family members will be simplified. Let us take a closer look at some of the provisions of the Directive.

i What are the most important changes?

  • The salary requirement is reduced. 

  • The required minimum length of employment contract is reduced from 12 to 6 months. 

  • Professional skills should be considered to be equivalent to higher education qualifications for the purpose of applying for an EU Blue Card in respect of two higher positions: Information and Communications Technology Services Managers. 

  • In order to promote innovative entrepreneurship, Member States should be able to give third-country nationals admitted under this Directive the possibility of exercising a self-employed activity in parallel with their activity under this Directive without it affecting their rights of residence as EU Blue Card holders. 

  • Blue Card holders would be required to report a change of employer or other significant changes to the competent authorities and obtain approval within the first 12 months (compared to 24 months currently).

  • Blue card holders can more easily obtain a European blue card for another EU Member State through an accelerated procedure after they have worked in their country of residence for a year. 

Important note! Ireland and Denmark will not participate with the new EU Blue Card regulation, because they are not participating with the current EU Blue Card regulations.

This directive must be implemented by 18 November 2023 at the latest. 

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