Kazakhstan: simplified procedure for obtaining permit for permanent stay based on profession

We would like to inform you that the list of in-demand professions that will allow a foreign national to apply for a Permit for permanent stay (PPS) in a simplified manner was approved by the Order of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 49 dated February 20, 2023.

The changes came into force on February 28, 2023.

What are the changes?

A foreign national who has one of the 21 professions in the field of healthcare, IT, science & industry, is exempt from the obligation to confirm having mandatory funds/income when applying for Permit for permanent stay.

PPS in the Republic of Kazakhstan is issued for up to 10 years or for a foreign citizen's passport validity.

The list of professions:

✅ IT-Infrastructure Architect

✅ Research Engineer on the technology of organic substances 

✅ Neonatologist

✅ Oncologist

✅ Space System Hardware and Software

✅ Engineer

✅ Software Architect

✅ Pharmacy Process Engineer

✅ Endocrinologist

✅ Neurosurgeon

✅ Engineer for the introduction of new equipment and technology

✅ Research Engineer on inorganic substances technology

✅ Research Engineer for the preparation of minerals

✅ Aviation Engineer

✅ Hematologist

✅ Laser Equipment Engineer

✅ Master of Industrial Training (Engineering and Engineering)

✅ Classifier of textile raw materials

✅ Bacteriologist

✅ Engineer-medical physicist

✅ Research Engineer on pulp, paper, printing and fiber production technology

✅ Medical Radiochemist Engineer

Who is affected?

Foreign nationals planning to apply for Permit for permanent stay in Kazakhstan.

Intermark comment

Permit for permanent stay obtaining is a primary step for issuing Permanent residence permit in Kazakhstan.

The proof of solvency which is required in the standard PPS procedure assumes the applicant has funds equivalent to 1,320 MCI* (or about 4.55 million tenge) on their bank account. Besides this requirement being annuled, the list of documents for PPS application in Kazakhstan for aforementioned category of foreign workers remains unchanged.

It should also be noted that in order to apply for PPS you do not need to live in Kazakhstan for a long time beforehand. The process can be initiated almost immediately after entering the country.

* minimum calculated indicators

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