HQS salary notifications to be submitted by 28 April 2023

We would like to remind you about the employers’ responsibility to timely submit quarterly notifications on salary paid out to highly qualified specialists (HQS) in the 1st quarter 2023. 

Key points

- The reported salary amount should be no less than the minimum level set for HQS (standard conditions):

  • 167,000 RUB per one calendar month
  • 501,000 RUB per one quarter – if there was a break in work during the reported period.

-Payments included in salary in accordance with clause 1, article 129 of the Russian Labour Code should be included in the notification form.
-In case employment of an HQS was terminated during the reported quarter, it is still necessary to submit a notification with regards to such employee.

Deadline 28 April 2023

Liability for violation

- Non-notification or violation of the established notification form or procedure leads to administrative fines imposed on employers: 

  • officials – from 35,000 RUB to 70,000 RUB 
  • legal entities – from 400,000 RUB to 1,000,000 RUB.
- Failure to pay the salary in the minimum amount set for HQS may invoke a ban on company to employ new HQS employees for 2 years

Intermark support

If you require Intermark support with preparing and submitting the notifications, please send an email request to your dedicated immigration consultant or to immigrations@intermarkrelocation.com by no later than 14 April 2023.

NB! Please bear in mind that the in-person filing process at MIA offices may take several days due to long queues and delayed processing of notifications by responsible migration officers. For the purpose of timely collection of the confirmation document we kindly ask you to arrange for delivery of necessary documents to Intermark in advance, by 21 April.

Intermark will bear no responsibility for the notification process in case the service is not initiated by the client and will not guarantee timely assistance in case the email request is not sent by due date.

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