Current status and future expectations of Serbia's new Immigration Law

  • Applications for C visas, D visas, Temporary Residence permits, and Single permits are currently being accepted.

  • At present, only foreigners (physical persons) can register on the portal.
  • Registration for employers and legal entities (companies authorized to act on behalf of a foreigner) will be possible from the end of February. Registered employers and legal entities will be able to submit requests for a single permit on behalf of a foreigner if they have the foreigner's authorization and if the company has an account on the government portal e-uprava as a legal entity.

  • Legal entities can pay government fees during the online application process either via credit card or through a unique payment slip generated by the portal, which allows for various payment methods (wire transfer, online banking, etc.).
  • Additional services such as the Labor Market Test, changes in employer/position/employment type, etc., are not yet available through the new system.

  • The Labor Market Test can no longer be submitted to the National Employment Agency (NEA) via email. This service is currently available only to employers with access to the e-uprava portal.

 What is yet to be implemented:

  • The submission of applications by employers or other legal entities authorized by the foreigner is expected by the end of February.

  • Submission of Labor Market Test requests through the new portal is still pending.

  • The submission of requests for changes in employer/position/employment type via the new portal is not yet available.

In summary, the implementation of Serbia's new Immigration Law is progressing as planned, with most features in place and a few still expected to be launched. These upcoming features are anticipated to streamline the immigration process further, making it more efficient for both individuals and employers.

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