Travel & Hospitality – a new service for a comfortable relocation

Travel & Hospitality is an innovative portal created to simplify the employee relocation process. The service was developed in response to the need for a comprehensive solution for managing corporate relocations – including ticket purchases, transportation of belongings, and other important aspects. Our goal is to make the planning and the relocation journey convenient, understandable, and manageable. 

Initially created to support employees relocating to their new work location, Travel & Hospitality is useful for anyone planning a trip on their own or with their family. It is also a practical solution for business trips and temporary employee relocations. 

How does our Travel & Hospitality service work? It combines what you need into one service: 

  • Trip organization. You can purchase tickets from any airline in any country in the world without payment restrictions. We will help you select a route to reach your destination faster and more comfortably – finding the shortest connections between flights, saving you from the need to collect and re-check luggage on transfers.

  • Transportation. We will develop the most cost-effective route – find a carrier with optimal luggage weight and help transport pets in the safest way (in the cargo hold or in the cabin).
  • Housing search. We will find suitable temporary housing for you – be it an apartment or hotel, depending on your needs, budget, and preferences. We even have pet-friendly options for those traveling with pets.

  • Individual and group transfers. We will welcome you at the airport and provide transport directly to your destination.

  • Convenience. Travel & Hospitality is a single-source platform where your employees can specify their wishes. We take care of everything else to ensure a smooth and stress-free trip.

We have already conducted successful relocations to the Netherlands, Israel, Russia, Georgia, and other locations. Travel & Hospitality services provide companies with support in employee relocation issues in a single-source mode – as convenient for business.

P.S. If your company does not have an internal system for tracking requests for business trips or relocations, we are happy to offer internal tracking system. In this case, the entire workflow passes through us, then you will only need to confirm and authorize the request.

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