Transportation of rabbits, hamsters, and other fluffy friends

It's no surprise that many families planning to relocate want to take their beloved pets with them to anywhere in the world. We often help move rabbits, rodents, and other furry friends to their new homes. We would like to highlight what to pay attention to when transporting rabbits, rats, hamsters, and guinea pigs.

For your trip, you may need to:

  • Chip your pet. Only a veterinarian specializing in rodents and rabbits can implant a chip.
  • Conduct tests and vaccinate against rabies. Each country has its own requirements, so we recommend researching the requirements of your destination country before proceeding with all necessary procedures.
  • Obtain a veterinary certificate Form No. 1. Depending on the destination country, this will be exchanged for veterinary certificate Form No. 5 or a Euro certificate.
Not all airlines take rabbits and rodents for transport, so they can only be transported as cargo – i.e., unaccompanied luggage in a special luggage compartment for transporting animals. Finding an airline that will take rabbits and rodents on board is a lengthy process, so we advise you to allow plenty of time for preparation, clarifying airline rules, fulfilling veterinary requirements, and purchasing a suitable crate (airlines also have special requirements for these).

Our Moving Services team has experience successfully transporting all kinds of animals all over the world. We are always happy to help!

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