Office relocation and storage services in Kazakhstan: streamlining your move with enhanced solutions

In the dynamic business landscape of Kazakhstan, office relocation and storage needs are evolving. Please be reminded about a significant development for those in Kazakhstan or considering a move there. Our Almaty warehouse has now doubled in size, ready to offer enhanced long-term storage solutions along with short-term options, ideal for office relocations or other situations requiring temporary storage.

Intermark relocation’s almaty warehouse: a blend of space, security, and climate control

Our expanded warehouse in the Turksib District of Almaty stands out with its spacious design, allowing for the secure storage of both personal items and office furniture, tailored to your specific requirements. The temperature-controlled environment ensures that your belongings are protected from the harsh Kazakh winters, preventing dampness and rot. Additionally, our facility is equipped with the latest security and fire-fighting systems, ensuring the utmost safety of your valuables.

When to utilize our storage services?

1. Temporary storage during an international move.

2. Long-term storage for office furniture during relocation.

3. Safekeeping of personal items when renting out property.

4. Holding belongings during uncertain transition periods.

For all needs related to storage, packing/unpacking, transportation of belongings, vehicles, cultural valuables, and even pets, our team is ready to assist.

Office moving: organized, efficient, and comprehensive

Moving to an office is more than just transportation. It involves meticulous planning, from packing to furniture layout planning, and considering storage options. Understanding this process is crucial for a smooth transition.

Types of office relocations we handle:

  • Complete office moves within or between cities.

  • Partial relocations, such as interior changes or departmental shifts.

  • Storage solutions for temporarily unused furniture, including packing, transport, and delivery services.

Preparing for your office move: tips and tricks

  • Pre-plan your new office layout and seating arrangements.

  • Don't overlook details like personal employee items or office plants.

  • Communicate any special requirements, like sensitive equipment or archives, to your moving company.

  • If facing a long gap between moves or downsizing, consider incorporating storage services.

  • Ensure the moving company is equipped to handle heavy furniture and equipment.

The intermark relocation moving process:

1. Collection of technical requirements: planned activities, addresses, and timeframes.

2. Site inspection for assessing furniture and equipment.

3. Development and agreement on a moving schedule.

4. Planning for furniture and equipment placement in the new space.

5. Coordinating special handling for delicate items.

6. Contract signing and cost finalization.

7. Execution of the move, including furniture assembly and arrangement.

8. Completion with the signing of closing documents.

Remember, every detail and nuance is important to us, and we're always here to assist you throughout the process. Don't hesitate to reach out for a seamless and efficient office relocation experience in Kazakhstan.

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