Kazakhstan: your storage solution in Almaty

We have an important update for those of you in Kazakhstan or planning a move there. We've doubled the size of our Almaty warehouse and are now ready to offer both long-term storage solutions and short-term options during relocation or other situations where temporary storage is needed.

Intermark Relocation’s Almaty Warehouse

  • Spacious: confidently store personal items or office furniture tailored to your needs.
  • Temperature-Controlled: your belongings will be safe fr om temperature fluctuations – no freezing in winter, thus no dampness or rot afterwards.
  • Secure: equipped with all necessary security and fire-fighting systems, ensuring the protection of your belongings.
Our warehouse is located in the Turksib District. We can arrange packing, transportation, and storage for any duration you require!


When might you need our storage services?

  • If you're planning a move abroad and need temporary storage for your belongings.
  • If you're relocating an office and require long-term storage for furniture.

  • If you're renting out your apartment and need to clear it of furniture and personal items.

  • If you're leaving the country but are uncertain of your final destination and need to store most of your belongings during the transition.

  • And in any other situation wh ere long-term storage is needed.

For all inquiries related to storage, packing and unpacking, transporting belongings, vehicle transportation, cultural valuables, and pets, please feel free to contact us. We're always here to help!

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