Intermark – A Transformational Journey

How do organizations find and build their transformational superpower amidst ongoing economic change and geopolitical turbulence? For companies to distinguish themselves in a sea of competitors, agile leaders look to lead their company transformation.

There is not a ‘secret sauce’ to being a transformational superpower? It means building specific capabilities that stand out; driving results, creating, and sustaining an unbeatable, admired, entrepreneurial culture that delivers excellence.

First, a transformational superpower requires building an integrated set of people, processes, and technology. These capabilities are not designated to one person or leadership – embracing an unshakeable belief to succeed and transform that is enabled and empowered enterprise wide and impacts the wider industry.

What does transformation at Intermark look like?

Intermark embraced empowerment through practice that transformed the organization. The team’s mindset of collaboration, innovative solution-finding, and agility carried the company through dark times; sparked the team’s entrepreneurial spirit, and drove significant changes to the company, delivery model, and contributed significant value to internal/external stakeholders.

Marina Semenova, Managing Partner comments about their refreshed mission, “Whoever you are, an individual or business, we are there for you every step of the way.”

Client support structure and delivery model: Intermark took a strategic risk-taking approach to its programs and processes. Leadership listened to corporate clients and transferees to create programs/processes to align with corporate HR/Mobility talent objectives and challenges; they pushed beyond geographic boundaries and initiated non-traditional programs.


  • Launched Intermark Homes in 8 countries in response to hybrid and remote work scenarios: short and long-term corporate housing needs in Eastern Europe and the Balkans

  • Innovated Advisory Services in response to companies looking to relocate businesses out of Russia into a viable Eastern European location – services include extensive market research, establishment of a company’s legal entity, re-design and move offices, and relocate and settle their staff and their families.

  • Conducted informational webinars with RMCs on emerging locations, i.e., Armenia, Kazakhstan, Serbia; hosted by Intermark local experts; topics covered immigration, housing, economic outlook, industry sectors, legal implications; conducted webinars on seismically vulnerable locations.

  • Expanded footprint into 12 countries located throughout Eastern Europe and the Balkans; the company infrastructure expanded with knowledgeable consultants in each location.

  • Established Korean Desk to serve Korean transferees relocating to Eastern Europe; the Desk is operated by a Korean native who conducts the introductory call, consults on cultural nuances with on-the-ground consultants, and ensures a smooth, safe relocation journey.

Value to internal and external clients and the wider industry: Intermark’s values are commitment to team, dedication to excellence, transparency with internal/external stakeholders and navigating uncertainty with agility and determination.


  • Implemented Generative AI/technology methodologies that save time, resources, improve productivity, allows more time for high touch, tailored support with direct benefit to clients.

  • Coordinated Business Circle so that widespread team can update each other in real-time, cross pollinate ideas/solutions.

  • Encouraged companywide empowerment/innovation; team feels ownership for the company’s successful transformation.

Irina Yakimenko, Managing Partner comments, “I could not be prouder of our entire team. All of them possess superpowers and have elevated our service excellence and the client experience! Their thirst for knowledge and growth sparks my superpower and our company transformation.”

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