Intermark Academy Kasakhstan launched

Intermark Academy Kasakhstan launched

How long will it take for me to assimilate to an unfamiliar environment? How can I communicate effectively with colleagues in a multicultural company? What should I do if there are lingering legal or migration issues?

How often do your employees ask these questions about their upcoming relocation?

We are fully aware that moving is stressful, not only because of the transportation hassle, but also because of the expats’ worries about the adaptation process to a new environment. Intermark is happy to assist you to quickly settle into a new place. After more than 30 years of operating in relocation, we have designed a special trainings that will help you feel at home.

  • Customer-tailor trainings based on your specific request
  • We perform for various audiences of any size
  • We analyze your situation and offer our expert opinion.

Our trainings:

  • Cross-cultural training on Kazakhstani culture and business etiquette for expats arriving to the country;
  • Cross-cultural training on cultures of other countries for the Kazakhstani audience;
  • Earthquake safety and first aid training;
  • Real estate market reviews;
  • Trainings and workshops on migration, civil, family, and tax law.

Upon request, we will prepare any training addressed to your specific objectives. Our speakers are qualified specialists in the fields of intercultural communications, law, emergency safety, real estate, etc.

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