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Intermark Anti-Corruption Policy 

Intermark Relocation is a quality oriented company and is committed to fight against corruption, bribery and fraud activities. Our corporate conduct is based on our commitment to acting professionally, fairly and with integrity. As part of this commitment, Intermark has elaborated an Intermark Codex of Conscientiousness and Rightfulness as well as Anti-Corruption Policy. Those documents clearly outline best practice for each and every employee at Intermark and create a common frame work for discussion within for developing sound business practices. Intermark also make sure that we comply with the relevant legislative acts and laws to counter bribery and corruption in all the jurisdictions operated. Thus, Intermark Codex and Anti-Corruption Policy are underpinned by the following national/international laws:

· Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (US)

· Act N 273 as of 25.12.2008 «Fraud and Corruption Counteraction»

· Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977 (FCPA)

Anti-fraud and anti-bribery policy and guidance is communicated to all employees, through our established internal communication channels. Managers and employees receive relevant trainings on how to adhere to the policy within Intermark Academy trainings held on a regular basis.