On 11th March, 2011 The Russian State Duma passed and adopted immediately in the second and third reading bill № 503970-5 «On amendments to… Federal Law On Migration Registration of Foreign Citizens…”. Effectively, the bill actually restores and significantly eases the rules and regulations of migration registration for foreigners which had come into force in February 2011.

The new law amends and introduces the following:

  • A foreign citizen can be ‘registered’ at the place of residence (by the landlord) AND at the place of employment (by the employer). (Previously: foreigners could be registered only at their residence address via the power of attorney [PoA] from landlords).
  • Period for the migration registration is now extended to seven [7] business days as opposed tothree [3] days currently, from the date of arrival
  • Period for migration registration of Highly Qualified employees and family members are also extended to seven working days vs. current three days, but only after expiration of the 90-day stay period.
  • Foreign nationals staying in Russia less than seven business days do not require registration at all. Hotels will continue registering foreigners irrespective of the length of their stay.
  • Highly Qualified employees can serve as ‘host party’ for his family members, and now can register the family members providing he/she owns a property.

The new regulations comes into force on March 31, 2011. At the same time, the new amendments may be effective once officially and publicly published. This is expected quite shortly.

In addition, changes are made to the Federal Law "On Legal Status of Foreign Citizens in Russia." In particular, during validity of a work permit of highly qualified employee, his family members have the right to perform work activity if they have a work permit, moreover they can be enrolled in educational institutions and carry out other activities not prohibited by Russian law.

For more detailed information on the new changes or general migration regulations, please do reach out to our Immigrations Team at or team members below:

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