Russia lifts COVID restrictions on entry by air

We would like to inform you that in accordance with the Government decree no 1552-r dated 14.06.2022 (link in Russian) a number of restrictions on entry into Russia and on issue of visas and work permits were lifted effective June 14, 2022.

What are the changes?

1. Foreign citizens arriving by air, as well as those arriving through sea checkpoints are allowed to enter Russia regardless of their citizenship or permanent residence in a particular country. The “green” list of specific countries, whose nationals and residents were eligible to enter by air, has been cancelled accordingly.

NB! This change does not cancel existing requirements of passing PCR tests prior to entry into Russia.

NB! Restrictions on entry through land border checkpoints remain for citizens of most countries unless they have additional grounds for entry. Specifically, HQS, their dependents, and technical specialists arriving through the land border still need to be included in authorized lists by responsible Russian ministries.

2. The ban on filing of applications and issuance of invitation letters, work permits and corporate employment permits by MIA of Russia as well as issuance of visas of any type by Russian diplomatic missions and consulates has been lifted.

NB! Issue of electronic visas by MFA of Russia remains suspended.

3. The citizens of Uzbekistan are allowed to enter Russia by passenger railway transport.
4. The citizens of Republic of Belarus can enter Russia from the territory of third countries (through any checkpoints).

Who is affected?

Foreign citizens arriving in Russia.

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