Kazakhstan: Deadline for quota aplications is august 1, 2018

Please be reminded of the deadline for filing quota applications, which are required to employ foreign nationals in Kazakhstan in 2019.

What are the key points?

- Issuance and renewal of permissions to employ foreign labour force (hereinafter – work permits) will be performed in 2019 within the quota allocated to employers.

- Applications must be submitted in due form to the state employment authority in the region where employment of foreign nationals is planned to take place. The application form must contain foreign workforce demand in a particular type of economic activity.

- Applications are considered by a designated —Āomission and in case of approval are accounted during formation and distribution of quota. The commission can reject an employer’s application fully or partly if there are grounds in accordance with the Rules of quota formation.

- Obtaining the quota is not required for foreign nationals assigned to Kazakhstan under intra-company transfer procedure as well as for employees who are exempt from obtaining work permits.

NB! In case an employer does not acquire necessary quota, obtaining or renewing work permits in 2019 may be complicated or not possible.

What is the deadline?

- Applications are accepted till August 1, 2018

Who is affected?

- Companies planning to obtain or renew work permits in Kazakhstan in 2019.

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