Immigration Review. June 2014

The BILL № 535567-6 “On the Amendments to the Certain Legislative Acts concerning the employment of foreign nationals on the basis of a Patent and the invalidity of the Certain provisions of the Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation”

[June 9, 2014 - considered by the State Duma Council]

What the Bill says

·  An Employer (Legal Entity, Individual Entrepreneur) will be able to hire foreign specialists (arriving to Russia under visa free regime) on the basis of a Patent.

·   Private Customer (a Russian citizen) will be allowed to employ foreign nationals (arriving to Russia under visa free regime) on the basis of a Patent for his/her household management purposes.

What Laws are amended

The Federal Law No. 115 –FZ “About the legal status of Foreign Citizens in the Russian Federation

Who are affected

Foreign nationals from the visa free regime countries who indicate (in their Migration Cards) the purpose of their trip to Russia as “work”.

How a Patent is issued

·  When to apply for a Patent: 30 days after arrival

·  When is Patent issued: within 10 working days

·  Validity period: 1 month with the following extensions for the Labour Agreement period (but not more than one year)

·  Where is a Patent applicable: in one region of Russia

·  How to collect a Patent: in-person

What documents are to be submitted

·  application

·  passport

·  migration card

·  registration

·  confirmation of advanced tax payment

·  medical insurance contract (policy)

·  medical tests proving the absence of the infectious diseases

·  certificate proving the knowledge of the Russian language, history and legislation


Who are to be notified


Employers or Private Customers employing foreign nationals on the basis of a Patent will be obliged to notify:

·  local department of UFMS

·  local department of Labour Inspection

·  local department of Federal Tax Service


Some  nuances

·  Quota cancellation (for Foreign employees from the visa free regime countries)

·  Local authorities’ control over the number of Patents issued in a certain Russian region

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