President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin signed the Decree No. 595 of October 20, 2021 (link available in Russian), according to which a "non-working days" regime is introduced on the territory of Russia from October 30 until November 7.

The decree also provides for the possibility of extending this regime after November 7 by decision of the heads of the Federal states.

In the city of Moscow, non-working days were announced from an earlier date - from October 28 until November 7. This measure is provided for by the Decree of the Mayor of Moscow of the Russian Federation No. 62-UM dated October 21, 2021 (link available in Russian).

Among others, the following restrictions are declared in Moscow:

  • The work of the "My Documents" state services centers, the multifunctional migration center (Sakharovo village), as well as other state authorities in Moscow is suspended (full list of authorities is not published);
  • Cafes and restaurants can only work for takeaway and delivery;
  • Visiting theaters and museums is possible only upon presentation of a QR code (issued on the basis of PCR test, vaccination or recovery from coronavirus infection);
  • Citizens over 60 years old are prohibited from leaving the place of residence (temporary stay) without a valid reason. This condition does not apply to vaccinated citizens or to those who have been treated and recovered from COVID-19 within the last 6 months.

Government and other services, the provision of which is possible in digital form, will be provided exclusively in this format.

Intermark commentary

The "non-working days" regime was introduced in March 2020 and lasted for a month. Based on the practice of that period, the acceptance of documents was significantly limited and was carried out using electronic resources and by preliminary appointment.

At the moment, the migration authorities have not commented on what their work schedules will be in the period from October 28 to November 7. In this situation, the Intermark team continues to work and is ready to provide assistance in any available form under the current restrictions.

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