Serbia Immigration: Changes come in 3 days

It’s getting closer: only three more days to go!

The long-awaited amendments to Serbia's immigration laws are just around the corner. As a reminder, the changes will include:

- Introduction of a Single Permit that combines both Residence and Work Permits.

- Introduction of biometric documents – the Residence Permit and Single Permit will now be issued in the form of a card with an embedded chip.

- Launch of a new government portal for Single Permit applications.

- Reduction in processing time: the Single Permit will now be processed within 15 days, and the Labor Market Test within 4 days.

- D visa holders can start working immediately upon entering Serbia on a D visa issued on the grounds of employment – no additional work authorization will be required.

- The right to work without a Single Permit will be granted to foreigners holding a Residence Permit based on family reunion, property ownership, studies, humanitarian stay, scientific research, or an independent residence permit.

- The right to work without a Single Permit will also be extended to foreigners who hold a Permanent Residence Permit, those who have been granted asylum or temporary protection, and those who have immunities and privileges based on international agreements. 

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