February 11, 2011: Head of Russian Migration Service comments on new changes in registration

The Head of the Russian Federation’s Foreign Migration Service (FMS), Konstantin Romadanovsky met with representatives of major foreign companies and business associations operating in Russia to comment on and clarify the new procedures for registration of foreigners that is due to comes into force on Feb, 15th 2011.

The position of Federal Migration Service is as follows:

  • Forthwith, a foreigner will only be registered at the foreigner’s place of residence and will no longer will be allowed to be registered at the company’s legal address
  • Employer will retain the right to register a foreign employee, but only at his/her residence address.
  • To register a foreign national, employer will need to provide the FMS:
  1. A notarized power of attorney from the foreigner’s residential landlord authorizing the employer to register the foreign national at the residential address;
  2. A copy of the residential lease contract

Intermark Relocations recommendation:

At time of writing, we suggest all companies employing foreign staff in Russia ensure they are in possession of a valid notarized powers of attorney [POA] obtained from the property owners [landlords] where all foreign employees [tenants] live.

Intermark Relocation continues to monitor the latest comments and communications from the official migration authorities and will update you immediately. Undoubtedly it is a fluid situation.

We encourage you to contact us for all information and advise.

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Irina Yakimenko
Executive Director
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Maria Obodovskaya
Senior Immigration Adviser


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