Transporting Pets: From Our POV

Traveling and moving to another country can be stressful not only for humans. It's also stressful for their pets. It requires your pet's psychological and physical preparation, and completion of required documentation. Intermark pet transportation expert Evgeny Semenov shares his experience and tells how we can skillfully help with the process.

Transportation methods.

Intermark provides services for transporting animals by air and land. The final choice depends on a number of conditions that is decided by individual.

Air transport is the fastest option. If a pet in a cage weighs more than 8 kg, it is transported in the cargo section. An accompanying courier can also fly with the furry traveler. However, this way of travelling is rather stressful, and a pet’s diseases that were inactive before the flight can manifest themselves.

Ground transports are preferable for short distances. This is a better option for animals with diseases that do not allow travelling by plane.

Due to the limited number of flights to and from Russia today, transporting pet cargos is not always possible. In this instance, we use combined transportation. Initially, cargos are delivered by ground transport to Finland or Riga, and then by plane to the final destination, to America for example. 

Transportation Directions.

Intermark transports animals all over the world with Europe as the focus destination.

"Our main destination is Europe. Since 2022, we have transported eight cats and dogs to the United Kingdom, Italy, Cyprus and Switzerland. We can seamlessly and safely transport your pets to anywhere in the world. Our couriers will take your pets directly to their destination; if necessary, our partners will "pick them up" during the long-haul transfer."  

Evgeny Semenov, Moving Specialist

Important things to consider.

It is essential to prepare your pet for transportation in advance, i.e. the animal must be chipped and vaccinated according to the existing requirements. We recommend studying the regulations for bringing pets into a particular country approximately 1-2 months before travelling. Check the destination airport website for local requirements.  

Evgeny shared a case from his experience: "A few months ago we transported two cats to Cyprus. No special documents were required other than their passports, confirmation of all the necessary vaccinations, and so on. Now we have another case of transporting dogs to Cyprus. This time, the carrier asked us for a power of attorney in English on behalf of the owner confirming our right to transport the dogs. Demands are ever - changing." 

Remember to contact the Animal Disease Control Station, take a rabies virus test, fill in the supporting documents, and pass the veterinary inspection at the airport.  

We also recommend scheduling your pet for  a full health check-up, regardless of your pet's age.  

Advantages of Intermark

Intermark provides a full range of pet relocation services, starting from the preparation of all necessary documents and ending with the providing temporary care and shelter for the pet and advising on all issues. Professional and caring couriers with extensive animal transport experience are handling the transportation.  
"Thanks to our cooperation with veterinarians we are able to arrange a house call to give your pet all the necessary vaccinations. We can also provide temporary care and shelter for the pet and manage any challenges you and they may face," Evgeny explains. "The courier always sends photos, updates the client how their pet's transportation coming along, and what time to expect the arrival of their furry friend." 
Our Managers will expertly choose the route, conduct the necessary consultations, and then quickly, and with the utmost care deliver pets straight to your door.
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