It's orange too! Guess what!

You probably know by now that in Intermark Relocation we like orange

Why are we so fond of this colour? Because it speaks very much of who we are as a team and how we see life - bright, optimistic and creative.

This is our new beautiful corporate car - the first one to proudly wear orange!

Apart from being beautiful, this colour has a practical side to it as well - it will be very easy for our clients and consultants to spot this car on the street during look-see and home-search tours - given recent changes with the parking in Moscow it is very handy.

What do you think about it?

At the picture our team who worked on the project:

Marina Semenova - Director & Shareholder - who had this crazy idea
Irina Yakimenko - Director & Shareholder - who fully supported this crazy idea
Dmitry Podoshvin - Head of Transport department - who - though a bit shocked at first - agreed to try it out and found the technical possibility to make it happen
Andrey Koreshkov - Seniour Driver who volunteered to drive this car (and who is very happy to do it now)
Andrey Timoshin - Marketing Specialist - who worked on the new design

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