Intermark Ukraine resumes all operations in Ukraine (HHG, DSP, IMMI)

Intermark team in Ukraine has been desperate to restore some sort of normalcy in their lives in the midst of horrendous happening every day. Supporting our clients in Ukraine is something we have been doing as much as has been possible in the moment in each particular part of Ukraine.

We are extremely proud of our team who is now capable of assisting our clients with much needed support in moving their goods, evacuating or finding new accommodation or seeking immigration support. Please see below the details for each particular service line.

NB! Due to ongoing war, our service delivery capabilities may be limited or fully suspended at any time.

HHG Moving Services

▶ Deliveries/packing are possible on the non-occupied territory of Ukraine, including Kiev, Kharkiv, Odessa and Dnipro.

▶ All transportation goes through Poland, including container loading and air shipping.

▶ Currently, storing in Ukraine is not safe due to the possibility of air raids on depot areas.

▶ Cargo insurance is not possible due to military operations.


▶ At the moment, we provide all relocation services on the territory of Ukraine*: At the moment we provide all relocation destination services across Ukraine* (long and short team home finding, evacuation support, travel arrangements, lease renewals and terminations, property management, etc).

*With the exception of cities where hostilities are taking place.


▶ Process related to immigration permits for foreign workers operate as usual.

▶ Documents legalization and apostille are available.

▶ Foreign Embassies slowly reopen and hence reopen outgoing visa obtaining, however each case needs to assessed individually.

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