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Our mission is to support the customers around the globe is what keeps us sane and going. For every logistical need you may have we will endeavor to find the right solution and help you in the way we can.

Services that can be currently useful for you and your family

Apartment removals (even if the client is absent)

- legal support for a lease agreement termination and return of a security deposit;
- cleaning the apartment before handover to the owner;
- handing the apartment to the owner and signing the Acceptance Act.

 Personal contents shipping (even if the client is absent)

- packing and boxing things;
- transporting all belongings from the apartment to a new destination;
- storing belongings in a warehouse, if required.

Dog and cat transportation                                                                                            

- support in obtaining an international exit certificate for a pet;
- finding routes for a pet transportation;
- finding a temporary host for a pet.

Up to date guidance on exit routes from the Russian Federation 

- monitoring departures;
- providing alternative transport solutions;
- escorting clients and their families to the airport.

Negotiations on the lease agreements                                                                                           

- revision of the rental rate;
- conversion from dollars/euros to rubles.

Apartment housekeeping during the absence of clients

- payment of bills;
- taking care of pets;
- regular cleaning, etc.

Relocating employees/companies outside the Russian Federation to other countries

- home finding;
- visa support;
- legal entity registration.

Solving other non-standard tasks that may arise due to the rapidly changing situation. Currently, it's very difficult to foresee all non-standard situations that may arise during trips, and Intermark specialists do their best to face challenges and help clients.

If you have any questions and you need more information, our managers are ready to provide it to you:

Call center +7 495 502 95 53

Maria Gogolkina +7 968 899 35 45

Maria Lazutina +7 968 899 35 44


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