Joint Intermark-CERBA HR Workshop: Immigration and Employment of Expats in RF: changes and expected trends in 2020

Wednesday, January 22

16:00 PM – 18:00 PM

We are happy to invite you to an informational workshop aimed at briefing HR specialists about latest immigration news and tendencies.

Experts from Intermark and Brainpower will outline the main issues related to immigration and employment in the Russian Federation, particularly Moscow, and provide useful tips on dealing with these issues.

Workshop is intended for HR specialists whose work duties include assistance to foreign employees of the company.

*Coffee, tea and light snacks will be provided.

The seminar will deal with following issues:

I. Migration registration

Migration registration: how it works now;

New MIA proposals ;

De-registration: the right or obligation;


New forms and rules of submitting notification to MIA;

Preferential treatment for HQS: Ministry of Economic Development proposals;

III. Employment

• Employment in Moscow: statistics and trends.

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