Negotiating Moscow’s expat housing market

The Moscow rentals market is complex and presents a number of challenges for international assignees and their managers. Irina Yakimenko and Marina Semenova share some useful tips for assignees seeking accommodation.

Members of the Association of European Businesses meet the head of the Russian Federal Tax Service.

Today, a maximum of preferences are provided for qualified specialists. Total made is more than 37,000 for such specialists.

The market demand

The role of relocation companies is becoming more important. It must go beyond the professional activity.

Intermark Relocation Team

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Please, welcome our relocation consultant Elena Klimenko!

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We are very proud of them and want you to know a little about them.

Training for newcomers

Each company has its own specifics. But if you work in the relocation company, you have to learn a lot of specific information.

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