Intermark Relocation the company of the year 2019

Intermark Relocation has been named the company of the year 2019 in the category Small and Medium Enterprises by the American Chamber of Commerce in Russia. 

Intermark Awards Ceremony 2020

It’s a good tradition in Intermark to celebrate New Year together. We work hard, but we party even harder.

Intermark Talks - Episode 10: Your Guide To The Architecture of Moscow

Episode No. 10 of our podcast "Intermark Talks - Moscow Expat Life"!
Those of you who moved to Moscow and are currently living here probably more than once drew attention to the eclectic architecture of the city.

What amazing stories does this ancient city hide? What makes Moscow so different from other big cities in the world? Why does the Soviet avant-garde attract a huge number of tourists from all over the world today?

Is it possible to jump back into the past and see with your own eyes the face of Moscow of 18-19th centuries?

Discussing these topics with our guest, Moscow through the Engineer's Eye project’s creator, Ayrat Bagautdinov.

New Guide Research results

As you may remember, we are currently carrying out a global survey among our clients & partners in order to share your experience and advice of living in Moscow with newcomers relocating to Russia.

We would like to thank those of you who have already participated in our survey - your useful answers help us make our new relocation materials better and these tips will be posted in our new Relocation Guide 2020 very soon.

Intermark New Year's Party

Интермарк приглашает вас отпраздновать наступающий Новый год вместе с нами!

И не просто отпраздновать, а приятно провести время в кругу интересных людей, поднять бокал шампанского за уходящий год и выяснить, насколько хорошо вы знаете русскую культуру и ее традиции! 

Intermark Talks - Episode 9: Trick or treat: Halloween as an essential part of today’s life and its interpretation in art

Today’s episode is dedicated to Halloween 2019. And as you can see, we titled it “Trick or treat: Halloween as an essential part of today’s life and its interpretation in art”.

HR-Workshop: Иммиграция 2019: что изменилось и какова перспектива. 14 ноября.

Intermark, ведущая в России релокационная компания, приглашает вас принять участие в семинаре, разработанном специально для HR-специалистов и координаторов, работающих с экспатами. На семинаре наши эксперты осветят наиболее злободневные иммиграционные темы, поделятся многолетним опытом, ответят на ваши вопросы.

IAM 2019 Annual Meeting and Expo

Our fantastic ladies - Managing Partner Irina Yakimenko and Moving Manager Elena Zlotskaya at the IAM's (International Association of Movers) 2019 Annual Meeting and Expo which took place on October 3-6th in Chicago.


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