I have the right!

New rules of property right confirmation.

Moscow traffic: fury road

A new prohibited action, “Dangerous driving”, has been added to the list of illegal conduct.

Higher charges for parking

There has been a dramatic increase in hourly parking fees for central Moscow since 10 August 2015.

Way to well-known!

New international signage with a new font in Moscow Metro

Moscow parking

Parking in the center of Moscow, again, will become free!

Moscow: International School Change Alert

Intermark Relocation keeps you posted on all changes in the life of international community in Moscow. Please be informed that British International School will be leaving Rosinka at the end of this academic year.

Negotiating Moscow’s expat housing market

The Moscow rentals market is complex and presents a number of challenges for international assignees and their managers. Irina Yakimenko and Marina Semenova share some useful tips for assignees seeking accommodation.


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