let's come together...

Uber and Yandex are joining their forces to provide taxi services in Moscow and more than 120 other cities in Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia and Kazakhstan. 



Kazakhstan: Almaty on Red Terror Alert, residents asked to stay at home

Almaty, Kazakhstan, has been put on a code red terror alert after unknown assailants opened fire on a building near the Police Department. Residents have been asked to remain inside until further notice.

I have the right!

New rules of property right confirmation.

Moscow traffic: fury road

A new prohibited action, “Dangerous driving”, has been added to the list of illegal conduct.

Higher charges for parking

There has been a dramatic increase in hourly parking fees for central Moscow since 10 August 2015.

Way to well-known!

New international signage with a new font in Moscow Metro

Moscow parking

Parking in the center of Moscow, again, will become free!


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