New EU rules on pets import

2 countries were excluded from the list of countries effectively implementing rabies control measures. That adds 1 more obligatory test to the import procedure.

Safety in seismically active regions.

A gentle reminder of the crucial need for safety in seismically active areas! Our comprehensive training programs and specialized materials are designed to effectively guide and safeguard you in these challenging environments, ensuring your preparedness and safety.

Explore new jurisdictions since Year of Dragon is perfect time to setting up business.

According to the Chinese Horoscope 2024, the dragon represents authority, prosperity, and good fortune. The Wood Dragon year 2024, when combined with the Wood element, will bring evolution, improvement, and abundance. It is the perfect time for rejuvenating beginnings and establishing the foundation for long-term success and business expansion. Intermark legal team can provide you proficient support on this journey.

New Year traditions across the globe

It is enjoyable to discover the unique and diverse ways in which Christmas and New Year are celebrated across the globe. Every country has its distinct customs and traditions, adding a special flavor to these universal celebrations. Join us as we delve into the enchanting world of holiday customs from different nations, illuminating the shared joy and cultural richness that define this season.

Holiday and Weekend Dates Across Various Countries

Explore how different countries celebrate the holiday season! Intermark prepared an overview of New Year's and Christmas holidays around the world. Remember to check local schedules before planning your visits, as holiday timings can vary by country. Perfect for travelers and those who are planning to relocate, this guide is your key to understanding the festive season worldwide.

Peculiarities of legal entities registration abroad (in Armenia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan)

Large companies regularly face the need to create subdivisions in neighboring countries. For some, this process was initiated by the business owners to adapt to the new economic reality arising from Western sanctions, for others, it became a de-facto grassroots initiative: when key employees left the country, it became vital to revise the organizational structure of the business to continue operations, because working “remotely” from abroad brings some serious legal risks for the company. 

New EU sanctions causing delays at Russian border

Additional goods included into import restrictions list.  A list of goods (for example, some electrical goods) have fallen under import restrictions into Russia. Their export from the EU may also be restricted. We are closely reviewing the newly announced restrictions and correlation of the sanctions list and EU customs codes to find the best solution.

Schedule for cargo transportation in Russia

The State Duma of the Russian Federation is considering an amendment to the law on «Motorways and road operations».

The amendments include the introduction of booking the date and time of cross-border transit for cargo vehicles beginning on 1st September 2023. 


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