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According to the Russian legislation, any foreign national is required to have a visa in order to enter Russia. A limited number of countries have a bilateral agreement with Russia for visa-free travel. Whereas most of the countries require an entry visa.

There are several types of entry visas: work visa, business visa, humanitarian visa, tourist visa, private (guest) visa, educational visa, commercial visa, transit visa, official visa (for diplomats, politicians, journalists).

Mostly demanded visas for business travelers are:

  • business visa
  • work visa

Business visa

A business visa is issued to a foreign national who arrives in Russia for business purposes. It can be valid for single or double entries for the term of 1 or 3 months and for multiple entries for the term of 6 or 12 months.

One can stay in Russia under a business visa for up to 90 days within every 180 day period. A business visa is issued on the basis of an invitation letter from a company in Russia. One can apply for a business visa in a country of citizenship or a country of permanent residence.

Work visa

A work visa is issued to a foreign citizen arriving to the Russian Federation for work on the basis of the invitation from the employing organization and entitles a foreign national to enter Russia to work.

Please note that a work visa is issued only after the work permit is in place.

This visa is issued in two consecutive stages: first: by the diplomatic mission or consulate office of The Russian Federation for the term up to 3 months with the following prolongation. Then, a single-entry visa is converted into a multi-entry work visa for the period of the labor contract. The contract should be concluded in accordance with the laws of The Russian Federation and on the basis of the work permit, but not more than for a one-year term.

The process can slightly vary depending on the country in question and the legal form of the business.

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